Potty Training Puppy Can Be Easy If it’s Done Right!

Babies and puppies have a lot in common. Both are cute without a doubt. And both have to go regularly. They do best when their schedule is fixed and regular. Keeping a schedule and sticking to it enables the puppy to regulate his system and control his bladder. It will make him realise that there are times to play, times to sleep and time to potty.

Potty training puppy can be easy when done right and immediately.

The moment a new puppy comes home, the whole potty training puppyenvironment changes. It is exciting and a lot of fun. It also means hard work. The first and biggest challenge involved is potty training. The training period can be hard and exhausting. The trick is to be calm and not take it out on the puppy. He does not understand the frustration. According to him, he did nothing wrong. Being positive through the process can help both you and the puppy.

According to experts, the right age to start potty training puppy is when he is between twelve to sixteen weeks. Confining the dog to a specific place during the training period is a good idea. More freedom can be given once the puppy is fully trained. To begin with, a walk once every thirty minutes to an hour is recommended. Stay with him until he is finished.

training puppyThe first thing is to establish a good relationship between yourself and the puppy. Trust helps. The puppy might have expectations from you just as you would from him. Another factor is the breed of the puppy. Potty training puppy involves knowing the breed and the different traits inherently. Some breeds have a smaller bladder and hence will need to urinate more frequently.

Keeping an eye on the puppy enables you to recognize the signs that he gives out before feeling the urge to relieve himself. Such hits can help you potty train him because you can keep track of the time as well. These signs could be anything from walking around in circles to whining in a specific way. Such sudden changes in the behavior should be recognized and the puppy can be taken out immediately.

Startling the dog in case of an accidental potty mishap is not a bad idea. Punishments are a bad idea. Such punishments could make the dog feel distant from you. Scared even.

The best way to potty training puppy is to take him to a designated space when it is time to potty. Just as a specific bell reminds him of food time, the place could tell him that it is time to potty. The command should also be the same one. It could be anything from the word ‘potty’ to ‘go’. Whatever works for you and your puppypotty puppy.

While punishments should be avoided, words of praises and encouragement are always appreciated. Emotional incentives when potty has been done correctly at the right place can cheer up the dog.

Puppy pads give the dog an option of relieving himself in a designated spot at home.