Outdoor Cat Tree For Your Little Friend – Hows and Whys

Who wouldn’t like to go out and play when the weather is nice and lovely? The cat would do. Constructing an outdoor cat tree for such good days is a very good idea. Getting some fresh air never hurt anyone.

The important thing is that the wood construction must be strong,outdoor cat tree healthy and sturdy. It has to beat the weather and stand up to natural elements such as snow and the wind. Durability is the key selling point for an outdoor cat tree. No hardware should be exposed. This means there are no hot and cold spots. The cat would not like them.

An advantage of building a tree outside of the house is that you can build it nice, big and wide. There are no size restrictions. The great look out spots can be a stress reliever for the cat. They would not get bored either. Cats like to survey and keep an eye on things. Being outside the house yet having the comfort of a roof on the top is quite appealing indeed.

The wonderful outdoor cat tree are available at various outlets are truly gorgeous to look at.

Being constructed by professionals and experts, these outdoor trees provide protection as well as entertainment to the cat. The eco-friendly elements do not harm the cat in any manner. It keeps them warm in the cold and unfriendly weather. They can also be insulated if desired.

wooden cat treeOne of the most popular outdoor cat tree are available in the market is a seventy-one-inch eco-friendly cedar rustic product. This is a four level tree with four perches. It is portable as well as sturdy. You can add additional elements such as cat toys to the tree to make it more appealing.

Some of them come with ladders that give it a tree-house look. Favorite toys of the cat can be placed inside the tree to keep the cat occupied. Individual preferences of the cat can be taken into consideration while constructing surfaces and scratching posts accordingly. Interactive toys such as prey-like toy can be used to keep the cat going. The much-needed exercise and play time is given along with the outdoor environment when the tree is built outside of the house. Cats are supposed to be sun worshipers naturally. It is a win-win situation.

No one likes to be holed up inside end of the day. Not even the furry four legged creature.smart cat tree A lot of owners feel genuinely guilty about keeping the cat inside and find solace in such outdoor trees. The natural instinct of the cat to run around and play is not being tampered with.

While cats make good hunters and can fend for themselves, they could be attacked by dogs and other wild animals. They are not known for their instinct to avoid oncoming cars. They tend to get hit by cars. People with such outdoor cat tree should keep the cat inside the compound and safe from such dangers.