Solid Study Cat Play – Wooden Cat Tree To Your Rescue

The idea of having cardboard boxes placed possibly haphazardly all over the house could hurt the theme and design very badly. If you are keen on keeping the theme untouched and undamaged, a wooden cat tree for your furry friend is definitely worth a try. They could even add a touch of beauty to your already existing wooden furnishing.

Building your own wooden cat tree for the cat can be quite economic.

Wooden Cat TreeArchitectures and carpenters today have come up a lot of creative ideas for a play area for the cat. Not only do the cats love them, the wooden cat tree gel and blend in with the rest of the house making it look like a sight for the sore eyes.

Building your own wooden cat tree for the cat can be quite economic. It will save your existing furniture as well. While the structures might be expensive to buy, building them on your own might actually work.

You can make a wooden tree for your cat at home.

The base and the foundation of the cat is very crucial for the whole tree to stand without toppling over. The floor should be thick enough. If the construction sways even a bit, the cat Cat Treewill avoid it without hesitation. A good number of three or four posts for the cat is a good idea.

Cat trees can be built with natural tree branches and thick wooden posts. You will also need sisal ropes and cut offs from carpets to adorn the setting. Porous materials will be difficult to clean. Regular washing of cushions and pillows is necessary to keep a clean and fresh smelling environment for the cat. Painting the tree need not be necessary. Unless the paint is good and natural, the cat would not like it.

A post made up of natural wood is recommended for a cat that loves to scratch. Using sisal could be time-consuming but more economic to make one than to buy it. A carpeted look is good for a cat that loves to lounge in warm and cosy places. These creatures also love to hide. A high and multiple level trees would win their hearts immediately. If the tree is near a window, then even better.

A scratching post should be tall enough for the cat to be able to stretch on comfortably. A horizontal scratching post can also work if it can direct the cat to other places. A tall bookshelf can be hooked to the wall to provide a stable and secure landing spot from the tree.

playing catThe cat trees that can be bought from the stores are quite appealing too. They have multiple levels, scratching posts and ramps, ropes and enclosed play areas for the cat to settle down comfortably inside it.

A traditional condo style wooden cat tree for the cat includes a square base, shelf roof, and a round house. The cat towers in the shop are usually made up of press boards.

Modern solid wooden trees come in four different colours. These trees are designed to last and you can make your pet very happy indeed.