‘ Get Me My Tall Cat Tree ’, Says Your Cat!

If you own a cat, (no..wait!…it is the other way round!), when a cat owns you, you would know how cats value their personal space and, have always had a thing for heights. They seamlessly embrace heights and, love to explore aimlessly, although great heights may not necessarily be their agenda. They need a cosy corner, a secret hideout in your home to unwind. Slumping on a couch or, chilling by the windowsill is a normal sight at homes where cats dictate the rules. But given their secretive demeanour and long bouts of dreaming, they need a place where they are not bothered much. And then, someone thought about making cat tree furniture. So, if you want to give your cat its mystery corner in your home, know it all about tall cat tree.

What is a Tall Cat Tree?                   tall cat tree

A cat tree is essentially a piece of furniture that resembles a tree with props like modular blocks, ladders, tiny circular pedestals at elevated heights, some hoops and maybe, a few bowl planters. Hoops and rings are a blessing, if your cat is small and wants to indulge in physical activity.

Why Does Your Cat Need a Tall Cat Tree?

Cats, unlike dogs are more guarded about their privacy and space. After all, it is a basic tendency of a natural predator to survey its surroundings, uninterrupted. And, this is where a cat tree helps your pet. Cats love to scan their hunting grounds aerially. Besides, if the furniture is accommodative of a few toy preys, your pet spends its time effectively by keeping off your couch, kitchen, dining table and beds. Higher the elevation, happier your cat is as its scratching fervour is quenched without bothering you with its graffiti work on your couch, bedsteads, walls and chairs.

What are Cat Trees made of?

cat treeCat tree structures come in different forms with variations such as cat towers, cat castles, cat mansions and so on. As far as durability and sturdiness is concerned, cat trees are best when made of solid wood. Plywood, which is made from fine and thin sheets of wood obtained from spinning log, gives a brighter finish and an aesthetic look to the coarse surface of your cat furniture. Cat trees are also made of pressed wood made from rectangular shaped strands of wood glued with heat cured adhesives. However, cats just need a surface to scratch and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to them as to what the surface is made of. Faux fur and faux fleece, although synthetic by nature are often used to cover cat furniture as they are durable and resistant to scratches as compared to carpets. Sisal ropes, a hundred percent natural product is a value addition to your cat tree furniture to satiate their urge to scratch.

Cats are precious little creatures that fill your home with their sweet mewing and gentle purring. And, a tall cat tree is all they need to be happy.