10 Most Innovative And Modern Cat Furniture Designs

Cats are curious little animals that have a mind of their own. They choose their own spot to sit eat or sleep and there is nothing much you can do about it. But sometimes introducing fancy looking modern cat furniture can get your cat interested and make them return to it again and again.

While it is important to incorporate trendy and modern cat furniture in your homes, it should not take up too much space.

Below are 10 modern cat furniture designs that you can bring home.

  1. Rocking together chairsmodern cat furniture

This clever rocking chair is designed with a small compartment at the bottom of the chair for your feline companion.

This allows you to enjoy special moments with your cat on a lazy Sunday afternoon, rocking in the chair.

  1. Cat walkways

Cats love to explore their environment by climbing and hanging above the floor level. Cats love these walkways as it matches their natural choice of being high up.

  1. Scratch pad console

You can save your expensive carpets and sofa from being destroyed by offering your cats an alternative way to exercise their claws.

The scratch pad console also has a shelf where the cat can rest.

  1. Coffee table with cat hammockCoffee table with cat hammock

You can make your cat as part of your gang when your friends come over for a cup of coffee by using this cat friendly coffee table.

It is equipped with a hammock under the table where the cat can hit the snooze button while you enjoy with your friends.

  1. Cat gyms

If your love for your cat is showing off as chubby paws and swinging bellies, it’s time for your cat to hit the gym.

The gym has a running wheel on which the cat can exercise while having fun at the same time.

  1. Cat beds

If your cat loves to sleep by the window sill, then buy the cat beds. It is equipped with industrial strength suction cups that are used to fix the bed on the glass wall by the window.

  1. Curvy cat trees

The curvy cat trees allow the cats to climb and perch themselves on cozy platforms. Cats love these as the structure it is close to their natural surroundings.cat furniture

  1. Cabinet tables with hidden litter box

These kind of cabinet tables have small opening on the sides that allow the cat to hop in, do their business and hop out.

  1. Desk perch

If your cat loves to be around you even when you are busy at work, try the desk perch.

It has special seating attachment fixed just above the work table where the cat can recline while you work.

  1. The cat-table

This is a growing trend among modern cat furniture lovers who share their home with their lovely pets.

The cat-table is a work table that is designed to be a functional and stylish table to meet your needs but with a twist. It has tunnels and holes for your cats to explore and take a nap.