Your Young Pet Deserves a Large Cat Tree!

Among pets, cats are by far ‘the royals’ who are a living testimony to the adage – “Dogs have owners, cats have staff!” However, they are also the docile breed among pets that keep to themselves apart from their need to be stroked every now and then. Being endowed with natural hunting instincts, they love to sneak around and explore every crevice of your home. The only issue with your pet on the prowl is shedding of its hair all over the bed, couch, kitchen, dining tables and even on top of refrigerators. This is where a large cat tree plays your saviour.

What is a large cat tree?large cat tree

Cats have an affinity for heights. Their purpose of surveying a place without being noticed is served by climbing a tree. A large cat tree comprises of wooden structures with curvaceous pedestals, keg like structures supported by props and, tiny homes to sneak in. A few large cat trees also come with appended cat litter boxes.

Requirements of a Cat Tree

Certain factors must be considered before buying a cat tree for your pet. The age of your cat, its energy levels and, its personality traits play a role in determining the type of cat tree, your pet needs. If your cat is young, it is bound to be active and, might show interest towards anything that is new. Therefore, cat trees are a delight for them as a variety of modular components in the tree spellbind them while, they are busy exploring it. If your cat is old, a cat condo would be a far suitable option than a tree. Hence, the pre-requisites of your cat tree totally depend on your pet’s behaviour.

What are Cat Trees Made of?

cat treeUsually, they are carved out of solid wood which, is the best. However, plywood and pressed wood are also used in making spectacular cat trees. Pressed wood, also known as oriented strand board, is a compaction of rectangular shaped strands of wood that are glued together with heat cured adhesives. Plywood on the other hand is made from very thin and cross laminated layers of wood woven from a spinning log. These layers undergo a hot press for the proper gluing.

The stand out feature in cat trees made of plywood is that every grain of each layer is placed at a ninety degree angle to every grain in the adjacent layer. This feature ensures that a balance is maintained around the centre, thereby assuring safety of your pet. Besides, cat trees made out of plywood are less susceptible to decay and texture change due to change in climate.

A cat tree with sisal poles and ropes is a place of joy for your cat, as cats love the smell of the sisal ropes and enjoy scratching on it to their heart’s content. And, these ropes are absolutely natural products.

Cat trees are best suited for young cats as their energy levels are comparatively higher than those of the old ones.