Advantages Of Investing In Cat Trees For Large Cats!

House cats love to scratch, purr and play from safe vantage points. And cat trees for large cats provide them with the perfect spot to do so. They are no longer considered a luxury but have become a necessity for giving a happy home to your pet cat.

The below points will help you understand the benefits of investing in cat trees for large cats

  1. Makes your cat happytrees for large cats

These cat trees are very sturdy are designed for big cats such as Maine Coons and Ragdolls. They come equipped with a thick scratching post with reinforced platforms that make it durable.

It provides the cats with their own personal space where they can unwind and relax. The size of the compartments matches the space requirements of such big cats.

  1. Prevents cat fights

If you have more than one house cat, it is imperative for you to get a tree house for giving each cat its own space.

Cat trees for large cats allow the cats to mark their territories and reduce any tensions between them.

  1. Perfect for timid catscat trees for cats

Persian cats, Maine Coons and Ragdolls love their solitude. They prefer to perch themselves in safe places and stay out of trouble.

The elevated perch gives them a visual advantage of viewing everything that is happening. This makes them docile as they feel protected

  1. Provides extra space

Cats love open spaces to move around. If your home has space constraints then adding a cat tree will instantly create a vertical space that will increase your cat’s territory.

Big cats generally do not like sharing space with other cats on the window sill or the stairs. Therefore getting a cat tree will provide them with their own space.

Points to consider while buying a cat tree for large catscat trees for large cats

  • Invest in cat trees that are sturdy and are able to bear the weight of the big cat while it leaps from the perch to the ground.
  • Opt for cat trees that have a “U” shaped perch so that your cat gets the feel of being in a cradle.
  • Choosing the best spot for placing the cat tree is important. The ideal place is to place it next to a window so that the cat can see all the activities happening around. Therefore choose a tree that works well with the décor of your room.
  • If you have a cat that has arthritis, then you must consider buying cat trees that have an inbuilt heater which will keep the cat comfortable during winter.
  • Cats love to sleep. So ensure that the cat tree has large perches and cubby holes where they can hide while catching a wink.


The unique design of the cat trees make the big cats fall in love with their new climbing apparatus. If you want to shower your cat with extra love, you can get a customized cat tree built to take care of the needs of your big cat.