Cat Jungle Gym Is Not The Newest Fad

A jungle Gym is a play area. It includes a structure of horizontal and vertical rods and poles that children can use to jump on to climb and play. A cat jungle gym is just the same. Except it is meant for a cat. People who have pets really do not treat them any different from their children. Building or buying a play area for the cat is just another duty of gym

Many people like to provide an indoor play equipment for their pet cats. Some would like to buy them from stores while some would prefer to make it at home.

Why do we need cat jungle gym?

They are absolutely handy in keeping the cat entertained and occupied. While some cats can just sit in one place and play with a ball of yarn, some like to run around and play. These gyms are very useful both for the overactive cats and their tired owners who would like a clean house.

The cat jungle gym that are bought at shops and online sites are quite creative and elegantly done. They keep in mind the physical attributes of a cat as well as its mental makeup. Knowing what a cat generally would like to do helps construct a proper play gym for the little feline creature.

Cats like things that are sturdy and made from solid wood. They love to climb, jump, play and lounge

Some popular cat jungle gyms for the cat are

  • 45 inch Kittycat Gym by Majestic Pet

cat jungle gymThis product is covered with a designer carpet. It includes three beautiful and comfortable platforms for the cat to lounge or for during long noon naps. There is a sisal rope for the cat’s clawing pleasure. This product creates a home for one cat and for many.

  • 55 inch Kitty Cat Jungle Gym

This product includes four lounging areas for the cat along with two dangling cat toys to provide entertainment for the creature. The advantage of this product is that it is easy to assemble.

Such gyms can also be built at home. All you need is a bunch of cardboard boxes and a creative thinking hat. Sturdy cardboards cardboard tubes can be used together to build a gorgeous play area for the cat. This also depends on the cat and his personality.

If the cat loves to chew on the cardboard, using a tape or some glue would not be recommended. The structure of the gym depends on the size of the house as well. Where you choose to keep the play gym also is a factor to be considered while designing it. cat gymConnecting two or more boxes in order to make a tunnel might please many cats. A higher gym will need a wider base. It is vital to have multiple entry and exit points.

Cats also love sitting high up and surveying the place. his home could be his kingdom. The smallest of places and nooks and corners can be turned into a play area or a lounging seat for the cat.