Large Cat Condo – Ensure Your Cat Has Space To Chill!

A pet at home makes life more fun and livable. Research has proven that people who have pets are less stressed and far happier than those who don’t own a pet. If you own a sprightly naughty cat and want to indulge it and keep it happy and busy, then you should consider large cat condo. These flurry animals are highly energetic and should burn their energy to sleep peacefully at night.

Do you know what a large cat condo is?cat condo

If you are familiar with feline life you would know that all cats like to scratch, climb and jump. They like to perch atop high pieces of furniture and survey their territory. Often times those with cats in apartments and small places are at a disadvantage because their pet’s outdoor activity is vastly curtailed.

It is here that a cat condo becomes highly useful; cat condos offer all outdoor stimulation within the confines of your home. It is a cat’s home and playground where it can jump, hide, climb, scratch and perchto keep itself occupied. They are also called as cat trees and come in multiple levels. Many trees offer various activities like tunnels, ramps, hammocks, scratching points, perches and hanging toys.

The cat tree also proves to be a safe haven from dogs and little children who enjoy tugging a cat’s tail and pulling their ears.

Material used for Cat Condos

large cat condoLarge cat condo are most often built of pressed wood and camouflaged by faux fur.  For a longer lasting condo you could opt for plywood condos too. Real solid wood can be used but the end product is expensive; of course with proper fasteners it looks classy and will last longer than the rest.

Features of Cat Condos

With the wide array of cat condos available in the market, it is always difficult to choose one which suits the size of your cat, your budget, the space available and the number of cats or kitten that will use it.

  • Safety: Choose a model that is sturdy and has a solid base. Your cat won’t like a tipsy condo and will never use one which is wobbly.
  • Comfortable: Ensure that sisal rope is used to cover the scratching posts because cats are partial to this material.
  • Fun: Make sure that there are enough accessories that will keep your cat busy and entertained.
  • Cozy: There must be a place for the cat to snooze during its sojourns because cats like privacy while sleeping.
  • Easy to assemble: Be it a free standing or a floor to ceiling condo, you should be able to assemble it easily.
  • Easy to clean: With your cat virtually spending a good deal of time here, you should be able to clean it frequently and condo

Irrespective of which large cat condo you choose, just ensure that it is stable and is secured with screws and not glue because that way the condo is more sturdy and will last longer.Also ensure that the condo can bear the weight of your cat or kittens.